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A Resolution of the SPROUT Family Services (SPROUT) Board of Directors Consenting to Becoming a Trauma Invested Organization

WHEREAS the mission of Sprout is to Promote the Healthy Development of Children in Partnership with Families and Community.

WHEREAS trauma is a widespread, harmful and costly public health problem impacting the healthy development of children, their families and communities; and

WHEREAS trauma has no boundaries with regard to age, gender, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, geography or sexual orientation; and

WHEREAS with appropriate supports and intervention, people can overcome traumatic experiences; and

WHEREAS non-profits and service systems are often trauma-inducing and often interfere with achieving the desired outcomes; and

WHEREAS the pervasive and harmful impact of traumatic events on individuals, families, and communities and the unintended but similar widespread re-traumatizing of individuals within non-profits and other service systems, makes it necessary to rethink business as usual; and

WHEREAS Sprout is in a position of influence with children, families, staff and community where we can either hurt or help the healing process of trauma-related issues; and

Now, Therefore, be it Resolved by the Board of Directors of SPROUT Family Services

That Sprout has consented to learning, reflecting, revisiting, and addressing how we conduct business under a trauma-informed lens.
That we will do this by integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures and practices and actively seek to resist re-traumatization.
That we will operate with a trauma-informed lens, embracing the principles of safety, trustworthiness and transparency, peer support, collaboration and mutuality, empowerment, voice & choice, and cultural, historical, and gender issues.
And that we believe that trauma-informed care cannot occur authentically without intentional integration moving us from a trauma-informed organization to a trauma-invested organization as we strive to realize our vision: All children are valued and fully nurtured and give the same to the next generation.

Passed and adopted by the Board of Directors of SPROUT Family Services (SPROUT) this 24th day of February, 2021

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