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Conscious Discipline

Learn about your child’s developing brain, the skills of Conscious Discipline and how you can use these tools for discipline in your home. During these workshops you will hear Dr. Becky Bailey give tips and structures on how to encourage connection and empower children as we discipline. Caregivers can join a “live” class or enroll in an online, self paced course.

Composure-How do I self regulate and change my

Assertiveness-How do I clearly communicate with my child
and focus on the solution and not the problem?

Encouragement-How do I encourage my child and create a
sense of belonging?

Choices-How do I offer positive choices and build my child’s
self esteem?

Empathy-How do I teach children emotional regulation and
acceptance of themselves and others?

Positive Intent-How do I use love to see my children

Consequences-How can I help my children learn from their

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