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Why should I get help for my child?

By age 5, a child’s brain grows to 85-90% of it’s full capacity. This makes the years before kindergarten a vital time to lay the foundation for later success in school, work and relationships. Some children may need a little more time and practice to learn skills like communicating, feeding, dressing, handwriting, paying attention, following directions, and socializing with peers.

What help is there?

It is our vision to see children reach their highest potentials. The 3 Plus Program is a partnership with families who’s children need occupational and/or speech therapy. We serve children age 3yrs. to kindergarten entry and will provide extra help for your child’s development.

Who will help my family?

A Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist will assist you with the evaluation. The provider will help you and your family develop an individualized plan for your child. Our team of therapists uses a play-based approach to therapy services. We believe that children learn best through play and relationships.

What is the cost?

We accept payment through Medicaid, Denali Care, Private Insurance and self-pay.

What kind of services does 3+ offer?

  • Occupational or Speech Evaluations
  • Hearing and vision Screening
  • Services will be provided within the clinic, unless your insurance allows for services to take place outside of the clinic
  • Support or play group therapy
  • Occupational or Speech Therapy to help families support their child with daily activities
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment needs

How do we sign up?

Families should email or call 907-235-6044 to get connected with an  Intake Specialist.

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