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Amy Velsko

I was born here in Homer. My early childhood was spent across the bay – my father managed the Tutka Bay Hatchery through the Department of Fish and Game in the 70’s until 1990 when he was transferred to Nome. As a family, we resided there for over six years. We loved everything about Nome and spent just as much time outdoors with Dad on work-related adventures as we did in Tutka. The Iditarod is essentially the only sport I watch. Our family then moved back to Homer where I finished out middle and high school.

I became a nurse’s aide here in Homer as a senior, then moved on to nursing school in Hilo, Hawaii. I truly enjoyed primarily working with the elder community providing home health services at a local non-profit organization that still holds a special place in my heart. Upon graduating, I moved to Dallas, Texas where I worked at Baylor University Medical Center, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and Baylor University Louise Harrington School of Nursing as Adjunct faculty. I went to Texas Woman’s University for my Masters in Nursing as a nurse practitioner, and moved back home to Homer in 2015. My time in Dallas was a whirlwind of a variety of nursing specialties, particularly trauma, and medical-surgical. My first main interaction with children from a nursing perspective was working in a cystic fibrosis ward.

I landed a dream job working across the bay residing in Nanwalek. I spent a year and a half serving the entire Chugachmiut service area, but spent most of my time between Nanwalek and Port Graham. These are communities I love and care about very deeply. I definitely have had a new found love for the pediatric population, and my experiences in family practice has proved how vital early childhood intervention is – in so many different ways. My experiences have also taught me a tremendous amount about remote medicine, and that things may not appear as they seem! Logistical challenges keep me on my toes! I now work primarily from Homer as a remote provider, and provide medical oversight to our healthaides in our region.

I have a husband who works on the slope, and a two and a half year old daughter, a 13 year old yorkie named Mochi, and a 14 year old cat named Azuki. COVID and work take up way more of my personal time than I like to admit, but my hobbies are baking, berry picking, and flower gardening.

Many of you may know that not only have I had experiences referring my own patients to Sprout, but my daughter Aurelia was provided Sprout Services right at the beginning of the pandemic via Zoom. She had a hip dysplasia and worked with OT to overcome her delay. Homer has many rich resources, and Sprout is one that holds a lot of value to not only a diverse group of children and infants, but a diverse service unit.

Again, I truly look forward to working more with the BOD!

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